Classes at Las Campanas Fitness Center







     We now have snow on the mountains of Santa Fe Fall and spring are difficult times of the year as daily  temperatures fluctuate so thanks for all of your feedback and patience with HVAC adjustments at the facility.

Ski Ready, our ski conditioning training is going well but we are in need of additional participants so if you have time on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 am, please come join us! The class will go until Tuesday, November 20th.

The Balance & Beyond class is already a hit! 15 members attended our first class. The class will focus on balance awareness and fall prevention. It is on the group class schedule and intended to be an interactive participation training. As a reminder, if the volume of the class continues to grow we need to be sure that we are using online or front desk sign up.

We will also be doing a Body Fusion class on Wednesdays from 12 – 1 pm. One of our lively Zumba instructors, Cathi McIntosh, is moving to Tennessee and will be missed by our Zumba fans. However, it has allowed us for an opportunity to create another dance type class with cardio, step, Zumba, barre, and flexibility. Shannon Elliott will join our team and do a great job with this class. Shannon comes from an extensive background of dance and ballet and is sure to bring variety to our group fitness schedule.

Another one of our amazing trainers, Melissa Hayden, is enjoying northern Italy and will be back for Pranakriya Yoga on Wednesday, November 21st. This has allowed an opportunity for me to instruct the 6:30 am Spin Circuit with Rachel Wixom. This class is very challenging and worth getting out of bed early in the morning.

Fitness will also feature two classes with golf winter programming:

From the Ground Up and Need for Speed. Ladies and Lag is a ladies only version of the swing speed class featured on Fridays. They will all take place at the golf performance center and will be viewable on fitness and golf calendars.

Lastly, as you all know, issues with our current ID card printer have caused delays for the fitness center but we are ordering a new printer so expect that ID tags will be to you within the month.

Something exciting in November ~  A holiday weight loss challenge

A holiday weight and workout challenge. Starting on November 15th, members will record their pre-holiday weights to the fitness center. Members must lost either three percent (women) or five percent (men) of that weight by December 31st. Of course if you lose more that is great! You must maintain that lower weight for two weeks after the new year. The winners will be treated by the losing group to a lunch at the club. This will be a fun and exciting way to stay trim through the holidays and be competitive with friends, neighbors, family, and other members. Let us know your thoughts and please join the challenge. Contact the Fitness Manager, JD, for more information.

From all of the Fitness Center Staff!