Hearing Officer Gives Favorable Report but Scheduling for Further Review is Delayed

Dear Las Campanas Owners,

Attached is the official Santa Fe County Hearing Officer report.  (CLICK HERE)  If you recall, County Staff had recommended against our request for a variance to allow a 70′ tower.  However, due to the efforts of Las Campanas residents who sent over 400 emails and letters in support of the tower, and many who participated in the Hearing Officer on-line WebEx, the Hearing Officer ruled in favor of the variance.

The next step in the approval process is the Santa Fe County Planning Commission virtual meeting.  Unfortunately, yet again County Staff didn’t meet prior-notice requirements, so rather than meeting with the Planning Commission in December 2020, we have been moved out to January 21, 2021.  We would like to again ask for your support at that WebEx meeting, since your support was key in gaining Hearing Officer approval. Details will follow once the County has established meeting information.

Should you wish to contact the County to support the 70′ Las Campanas Cell Tower application, please email Case Manager Gabriel Bustos at gcbustos@santafecountynm.gov

Should you wish to communicate with the County to ask the County to expedite the process, please email Constituent Services Liaison Sara Smith at ssmith@santafecountynm.gov

Thank you,

Chip Munday, General Manager

Las Campanas Owners Association