Helping Fellow PGA Pros During the Pandemic

Former PGA Senior Professional of the Year

Brad Lardon Working to Help
Fellow PGA Pros during Pandemic

By Kyle Kelley,
Published on Saturday, April 4, 2020

In a time where we have been mandated to stay apart, we continue to be amazed by the golf community coming together in different ways.

For 2016 National Senior PGA Professional Player of the Year Brad Lardon, a gesture by the members of The Club at Las Campanas motivated him to help his fellow PGA Professionals in the Sun Country or STPGA.

“A couple weeks ago, the membership did something really great and said no matter what happens, we are going to pay our employees,” Lardon said. “At that moment, I became so grateful. That was such a nice gesture by the membership. I got to thinking, ‘If this thing goes further down the line, can I do anything to help?’”

Lardon launched his ‘PGA Pros for PGA Pros – PGA Professionals against COVID-19’ program through social media channels on March 25. Lardon is accepting donations for half hour virtual coaching sessions on swing, course management or sports psychology and will be donating 100 percent to PGA Professionals who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

“Just doing a little bit might go a long way,” Lardon said of his initiative. “Whatever I’m going to be able to do, it might not be that significant, but if I could get other Pros like me to do it, then maybe it would become a little more significant. Powers in numbers.”
To participate or contribute to the program, golfers can reach out to Lardon through his Facebook page or Twitter.