Home Staging – Setting the Stage

Whether doing it yourself or hiring a professional, staging can boost a listing’s chances of being sold more quickly in any kind of market. – See the complete article at The Residential Specialist.

“When we begin working with a client, I tell them it is just like watching HGTV,” says Medford, who attributes the growing awareness and demand for staging to programs on the popular cable network.

Medford and his wife have their own staging company called The Next Stage and a warehouse filled with furniture and accessories. He also teaches other agents in his area about staging techniques, and many of these agents turn to Medford for staging services. “We teach three basic things: the psychology of staging, overcoming objections and how to stage the property. Most agents quickly figure out that they need to leave staging to the professionals because there is an art to decorating a vacant room,” he says. “The majority of buyers today don’t have a clue about how to decorate a room, and they have no sense of scale or perspective. To walk into a room and see it arranged in an attractive way resonates with buyers,” Medford says.

Cost can be an issue for some sellers who don’t want to spend the money or can’t afford it. For this reason, Medford does not stage short sales because money is often an issue with the owner.

For critics and skeptics who say staging is contrived, Medford responds, “All advertising is contrived. Staging is about maximizing a property’s potential. Yes, that might be manipulation and influencing, but it’s about marketing the home. You’ll never see an unstaged model home from a builder.”

This information is coming from The Residential Specialist where you can read the complete article.