Las Campanas Fitness Update

Dear members of the fitness community,

The fitness staff realizes that the last couple of weeks have been challenging for maintaining our health and fitness goals. Covid – 19 has changed the world and more specifically, the way the we will operate the fitness and spa for effective hygiene and a safe environment. We do miss conducting our regular weekly 38 classes and seeing the happy faces pass in and out of the facility. With that being said, we have worked hard to prepare an online group class schedule that includes 16 classes per week.

Zoom meetings is an available application for most smart phones, tablets, and personal computers or laptops. You will need to download this app and create an account with your own personal and unique username and password. Those of you already familiar with or using Zoom meetings app will be ready for participate in Zoom group classes. Once the Zoom app is operational on your device, you will need to view the Zoom group class schedule via the Las Campanas website. Each class has it’s own meeting ID within the description that can be pasted into the “Join meeting” function. Instructors will be ready and waiting at scheduled class times for participants to join in the video conference class.

Technogym has also released the TWellness Coaching application. It is available for most smart phones. This app includes Workouts of the Day(WOD). Since the club has licences for the software, we are also able to create our own personalized WOD’s for our membership at the club. If you are already a Wellness app user, your log in credentials will remain the same. Once logged in to your profile, you will be able to choose from a variety of workouts with different exercises and intensity for daily challenges.

The fitness center is excited to offer these options to members during the club closure. The involvement of equipment for each class has been minimized and in most classes, body weight exercises are the preference. This is all about staying active however we can right now!

We remain focused on your health and wellness goals and now is more important than ever to stay fit. If you have any technological issues, questions, concerns, or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact your fitness director: or 505.995.3623

Be well, stay well,
The Fitness Center Team

Weekly Zoom Group Class Schedule

9 am – Body Fit – Anna Marie
10:30 am – Power Yoga – Sahar

7 am – Cycle Fit – Irena
9 am – Balance – Maria
10:30 am – Hatha Yoga – Melissa

9 am – Body Fit – Anna Marie
10:30 am – Power Yoga – Sahar

7 am – Spin Circuit – Melissa
9 am – Balance – Maria
10:30 am – Hatha Yoga – Stephen

9 am – Body Fit – Anna Marie
10:30 am – Power Yoga – Sahar

8 am – Spin – Irena
10 am – Circuit Training – Sahar
2 pm – Stretch – Stephen

1 pm – Stretch – Gaby