Las Campanas Fitness/Spa/Tennis Survey







As you know, a Special Committee has been formed to work on the development of a master plan for the Fitness, Spa and Tennis Facilities. The mission of this Committee is to develop a Master Plan which will address the renovation and enhancement of the Fitness/Spa/Tennis Facilities and position it for future membership growth and program enhancement.

It is the Board’s desire and the Committee’s intent to actively engage the membership in the process through membership surveys, small group sessions, and town hall meetings over the course of the next year. If all goes as planned, the Board should be considering the recommendation of the Committee next fall.

As a first step in soliciting membership input, the Committee has prepared a short survey to identify a broad set of priorities. The information gathered will help serve as an initial guide to the Committee’s work. This brief but important survey will be sent to you tomorrow in a separate e-mail and we will be grateful for your participation. Please complete the survey by November 30th.