Meet Wes Studi for Movie Night

“The Only Good Indian”


5 pm Club Room 

 $40 ++ pp 
The Club at Las Campanas will host a ‘Fund Raiser’ movie night to benefit Silver Bullet Productions’ Educational Programs for tribal youths in New Mexico. Come meet Academy Award winner Wes Studi, the Executive Producer and star of this acclaimed film, “The Only Good Indian”.

Set in Kansas during the early 1900s, a teen-aged Native American boy (Winter Fox Frank) is taken from his family and forced to attend a distant Indian “training” school to assimilate into White society. When he escapes to return to his family, Sam Franklin (Wes Studi), a bounty hunter of Cherokee descent, is hired to find and return him to the institution.

Franklin, a former Indian scout for the U.S. Army, has renounced his Native heritage and has adopted the White Man’s way of life, believing it’s the only way for Indians to survive. Along the way, a tragic incident spurs Franklin’s longtime nemesis, the famous “Indian Fighter” Sheriff Henry McCoy (J. Kenneth Campbell), to pursue both Franklin and the boy.

In a career that spans more than 30 years, Wes Studi has appeared in countless theater, TV and film roles, with memorable performances in Dances With Wolves, The Last of The Mohicans, Geronimo: An American Legend, Heat, Avatar, Hostiles, Penny Dreadful, Mystery Men, the Tony Hillerman Mysteries for PBS, and The Only Good Indian, for which he was also a producer. 

He currently can be seen on the FX series Reservation Dogs, and in the theatrically released film A Love Song. Wes is the first Native American actor to receive an Oscar. 

 Complimentary wine and popcorn!
 Seating is limited. 
 Call Las Campanas to reserve your seat.