Monday Morning Bridge Classes at Las Campanas with Dennis Dawson, National Champion


“Competitive Bidding”

Monday, September 24, October 1

Las Campanas Clubhouse ~ 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.

Open to a limited number of non-members.


Competitive Bidding covers the information you need when both partnerships are bidding during the auction. You still want to get to your best contract, but you also want to make it as difficult as possible for the opponents to reach their best spot. You need a more aggressive style of bidding, to bid more with less!

Practice each week with 4 deals designed to illustrate that week’s topic.

Sept 24: Takeout Doubles, Advances, and Rebids by the Doubler

Oct 1: Responding after an Overcall or a Double, Advancer’s Actions, Opener’s  Actions, Intervenor’s Further Actions

            .  Notes are included.  You don’t need a partner.  The text is Audrey Grant’s Competitive Bidding.  It is highly recommended and available at Baron Barclay Bridge Supply or Amazon.

A minimum number of 24 people needed for this class. Priority for members of The Club at Las Campanas.  Open to a limited number of non-members.

The Teacher: Dennis is a Grand Life Master of the ACBL, a National Champion, and a World Championship Bronze Medalist. He has won more than 16,000 masterpoints and over 250 regional events.