Tennis and Pickleball Updates

While many previous emails have focused on adherence to Covid-19 safe protocols, we want to remind you that outdoor activities like Tennis and Pickleball have been thriving at the Club. Many of our members have commented how much they appreciate using the courts during this unusual time and we certainly appreciate seeing members at the facility. Below you will find updates regarding these outdoor activities.

In lieu of the annual Joe Colvin Doubles Club Championship in August, the tennis committee is organizing a Player vs. PlayMate with divisions for each level of player.

Each contestant will be assigned a 20-minute period on Court 1, equipped with our revitalized PlaySight system and our new PlayMate ball machine.

Each contestant will take:

10 serves, 5 to the deuce and 5 to the ad court
10 forehands, from the machine
10 backhands, from the machine
10 volleys, 5 forehand and 5 backhand, from the machine

Scoring will consist of 10% of the MPH speed of your best (in) serve, plus one point for every serve that goes in.  You will also earn one point for each of the other shots that hit their targets.  The challenge itself will reward speed and accuracy of serve and accuracy of strokes, on an approximate equal-weight basis.

Ball machine difficulty and target size will be scaled to the following different levels of competition:

Open, A, B, C, and Senior Divisions will be held for both Men and Ladies. Watch for additional details to be sent to registrants by Claudia.

In order to celebrate our prowess, please save the date, 5 p.m. on September 2nd for the Joe Colvin(D) – 19 Tennis Awards Social Hour via Zoom. Invite to follow next week. We will have Awards to give to our Winners as well as traditional awards and some fun awards to suit these times.

Lastly, the renovated Courts 1 and 2 have become very popular and landscaping is complete. On Tuesday and Saturday, there are free drills, and you may sign up by also emailing:

The resurfacing project for all four pickleball courts is underway. We plan to begin player clinics again following their completion with a schedule to be announced in a later update. All clinics will be by reservation and abide to Covid-19 safe practices. Please check out the recently updated Pickleball web page by clicking here. Lessons are available with any of the pros listed by emailing or using their contact information provided on the website. 


Please keep a lookout for our member ambassadors, Daisy Crawford and Owen Perillo. They are excited about the completion of the courts and as we progress into fall will become more involved in the Pickleball community. 


We are all excited about growing these competitive and social games at the Club for positive member experiences. Thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm this summer.


See you soon and stay well!

Your Tennis & Pickleball Committee, Professionals, and Staff