The Club at Las Campanas Cell Towner Update

Stealth Cell Tower Approved

by Board of County Commissioners



“Can you hear me now?” may soon be a thing of the past in Las Campanas.


At the Santa Fe Board of County Commissioners meeting last evening, the County Commissioners voted 4-1 to approve the Las Campanas Master Association’s appeal of the Planning Commission’s denial of the HOA’s request for a 70′ stealth cell tower.  This means that the cell tower project can move forward as requested. This is a huge win for the greater Las Campanas community, and this new stealth tower will provide owners, members, visitors, employees and workers with enhanced cellular services for convenience, work-at-home, safety and security.


A key factor in the Commissioner’s decision was the overwhelming support by the Las Campanas Community and the members of the Club. Over 400 letters of support were received by the County, and dozens of members participated in the series of community meetings and public hearings. You can congratulate yourselves for a job well done.


A special thanks goes out to the Las Campanas Cellular Committee including Margaret Hoban, Dennis Little, Kay Lee, Chip Munday and special recognition to Robert Kiely, Committee Chair for persevering through the challenging (and long!) approval process.


We are grateful to our District 2 Commissioner Anna Hansen not only for her emphatic “yes” vote but also for her leadership in getting the motion passed, and to Constituent Services Liaison Sara Smith for guiding us through the difficult County process.  Please feel free to send a note of appreciation to:

Going forward, the process will include obtaining the final order, permitting, then groundbreaking, construction, inspection, test and finally turn-up of services.  Although there is not an estimated completion date yet, we will keep you appraised of progress as the long awaited project moves toward in-service.

Additionally, the Cellular Committee is in search of 1-2 new members with experience in residential or commercial construction, permitting or inspections as we move into the permitting and construction phase.  Should you have interest in volunteering, please contact Cellular Committee Chair Robert Kiely


Thank you again for all of your help and patience.