Update on Cellular Service Enhancement

Verizon has entered into a formal agreement with the Las Campanas Master Association to construct a cell tower at the Las Campanas Owners Association building at 366 Las Campanas Drive, subject to approval by Santa Fe County.

“This agreement is an important milestone in dedicated efforts by the Enhanced Cellular Committee to provide advanced cellular services to Las Campanas and neighboring communities” said Robert Kiely, Committee Chair. “We thank Verizon, the Las Campanas Owner Association Board of Directors and the LCMA General Manager for their support in the contract process, and we look forward to working with Owners and Club members as we go through the County approval process.”

The tower design calls for a 70’ structure with a “stealth” appearance to resemble a bell tower, with color, texture and design elements to match the existing Las Campanas Owners Association building. The tower will accommodate two cellular carriers, including Verizon and another carrier, to be determined. Tower construction will commence upon approval by Santa Fe County.

As part of the County approval process, a virtual neighborhood meeting is being planned, with Owners, Club members, and residents of adjacent communities invited to participate. Meeting coordinates will be provided in the near future.