What Buyers Want Pt. III – No More ‘Swagger’

In Austin, Texas, Gail Boston, CRS, broker owner at Austin x Boston Properties, says many of her buyers are also focused on the environment. “I have a lot of clients who are specifically seeking green builders because there is such tremendous waste in construction,” she says.

That eco-friendly mindset is also playing a role in the size of homes people are buying, she says. “I’m thrilled to say those big, what I call ‘swagger,’ homes that everyone wanted when I started selling in 2006 are relics of the past,” says Boston. “Some of my same clients who bought 6,000-square-foot homes are now buying 2,500-square-foot ones closer to town. People’s priorities have changed.”

Besides the environment, the shift is being driven, she says, by a desire to save energy. Many of her clients, especially empty nesters and millennials, are also looking to live closer to central Austin to cut down on their commutes.

By Daniel Rome Levine
Reprinted from The Residential Specialist. See the complete article >>>