Las Campanas


A winner of 20 major championships, Jack Nicklaus has designed more than 200 golf courses across the world, including the Sunrise and Sunset courses at Las Campanas.

“I don’t believe in forcing an idea on a piece of land; I blend my ideas with the environment and let it help me shape the design of each hole,” says Nicklaus. “That’s what I tried to accomplish at Las Campanas, blending the two courses into the New Mexican landscape. A golf course continually evolves; it’s never finished because nature will continue to make changes.”

“There’s no feeling like walking up the 18th fairway at a major, but the satisfaction I get in designing a golf course is a close second,” Nicklaus says. “Designing a course is my total expression. My golf game can only go on so long, but what I have learned can be put into a piece of ground, and will last beyond me.”